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Turkish Ceramic Painting (1 adult+1 kid)

August 4th or Aug 29th, 2023

  • 127.68 Canadian dollars

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The art of Turkish tile and ceramic making developed over the centuries incorporating many different techniques and styles. Using a different type of paint and glaze from the usual ceramic materials, Turkish ceramic painting is truly such a fun, unique and creative skill to learn. In this workshop, you will briefly learn the history of traditional Turkish ceramic painting as well as how to paint your ceramic correctly using Turkish ceramic paint and brushes. We hope to send you off with all the skills and knowledge of ceramic painting and the confidence to start your own project. All materials are included during the workshop. Once you are finished painting your ceramic bisque, we will then glaze and fire it for you and it will be ready for pick up in 14 business days. The workshop is suitable for complete beginners or those wanting to refresh their skills. MATERIALS INCLUDED DURING THE WORKSHOP: Ceramic Mug & Saucer Set Brushes Paints (derived from soil and plants) All of our ceramics and glaze is food safe. 土耳其瓷砖和陶瓷制作艺术经过数个世纪的发展,融合了许多不同的技术和风格。土耳其陶瓷绘画使用与通常陶瓷材料不同的一种颜料和釉料,是一项非常有趣、独特和富有创意的技能。 在这个工作坊中,您将简要了解传统土耳其陶瓷绘画的历史以及如何使用土耳其陶瓷颜料和刷子正确地绘制您的陶瓷。所有材料都包含在内,一旦您完成绘制您的陶瓷胚体,我们将为您上釉和进行烧制。成品将在14个工作日内准备好取回。 这个工作坊适合完全的初学者或那些想要重拾技能的人。 工作坊期间包含的材料: 陶瓷马克杯与杯碟(直径18厘米) 画笔 颜料(源自土壤和植物) 我们所有的陶瓷和釉料都是食品安全的。

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Cancellation Policy | 关于取消课程

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 24 hours before the class starts.

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